Community Resource Officer

Atlantic County needs a better coordination of services for our youth, senior population, and our veteran citizens to match those in need with service providers.

As a teacher, I have seen how the economic downturn of Atlantic County has created financial hardship, impacting our communities and families to such depths that we need to creatively coordinate available services that can provide assistance and strengthen support systems.

My decision to run for freeholder is based on this need for a coordination of services and as a teacher, I have seen how the effects of our economic downturn have especially affected youth in my classroom. The children are the most fragile sector of our population and in order to meet their needs as well as the needs of their families, I intend to establish a county-wide community resource office to assist with the creation and development of partnerships between schools, nonprofits, and family support services to provide better coordination that our children, their families, our senior population and veteran citizens need.


Establishing a transparent appointment process

for appointment to State Commissions

The committee appointment process in Atlantic County has been closed-door, lacking community input and involvement.

As an advocate for environmental protection, I have recently experienced an example of this when the appointed Pinelands Commission violated its charter by giving the green-light to a gas pipeline in a sensitive biosphere directly connected to our communities. When asked, the Freeholder board was unable to explain the process under which these commissioners were appointed.

Transparency and communication are the two key factors necessary to ensure that our democracy remains a viable political system that supports the rights of all people. Elected political leaders need to work towards increasing these on a continual basis. As a Freeholder, I would uphold my responsibilities to this end by establishing a more transparent, documented process for the appointment to the numerous state public advisory boards, such as the Youth Commission, Senior Citizens Advisory Board and the Advisory Commission on Women. Public input is necessary to increase the level of involvement and create a system of accountability that will generate increased citizen participation in our democratic systems.


Coalition Building

Property taxes in Atlantic County are above what many of our families can manage in this economic climate. Under Governor Christie’s administration, South Jersey has been especially impacted when other areas of the state have seen economic growth and development. The answer to this growing issue is not the implementation of a simple solution. I intend to build a coalition of South Jersey Freeholders that will support multi-level solutions to address systemic issues. We need solutions that include state-sponsored single payer healthcare and state reimbursements for local corporate tax breaks that have drained money from the regional economy. We must impress upon the state the urgency of the necessary legislation that will allow everyone to experience relief and create growth.